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Series has been dropped

2014-01-13 18:24:43 by spootman1

As the title and image may imply. I'm going giving up the series for obvious reasons.


1. The Comments. They're not hurtful or anything, it's actually more constructive and helpful. The people point out many flaws and are painfully obvious to me as well.

2. Flash I just don't feel like doing flash animation anymore, it becomes too frustrating to work with


3. The story. Makes no sense what so ever. Seriously, some dude gets a vision telling him to do stuff, and his "friends" decide to help him out? In reality, that'd never work out well and he'd probably lose his friends quickly, there's too many references to other games.


4. I was a kid when I wrote this out. Yeah, I was my HS Sophomore year when I did this and of course, anything a kid writes, has a high chance of being trash.

5. Doing a reboot. Since my time away from this, I've gained a team of people to work with, who are willing to help work on movies and such. As a side thing, we plan to make a web comic series. What I plan to do is take the existing characters, give them real names, proper designs, have a more structured story, and make it into a Web Comic series that'll be drawn by hand. This was going to be done originally, but I didn't know how to draw people back then.



For those that care (for whatever reason) here's what was going to happen for the last few episodes

Episode 8: They find their way into some netherworld and kill demons. Episode 9: They crash into a metal island Episode 10: They go into some Holy Palace in the sky. Episode 11: They confront En-O-Me and pass a trial Episode 12: Obivous plot twist! En-O-Me is really a bad guy, also, he's really a Element Guardian, gets defeated, everyone's lives go back to normal, Erunanite takes the role of the Element Guardian and leaves for some reason.

Dark Mist

2012-05-04 01:01:10 by spootman1

I'm still alive, I haven't given up on my flash series, and I'm thinking about doing some side projects

My game is finally done, I can now get back to work on Flash Videos.

You can watch the trailer here
This took a lot of time to do, like about a year and a half and has gotten in the way of many other videos, scripts, and other things I wanted to get done.

As for the "Generic RPG" series, I think I'll change the name completely and go with the title Phantom's Element or Elemental Advent. Tell me what you guys think

Dark Mist

Episode 8 and New Game coming

2011-07-22 18:57:10 by spootman1

Episode 8 will be coming out like, later this year. Probably around winter or mid Fall.

My current game I'm working on is going along very smoothly, the only problem I'm going through is trying to keep consistency towards the plot and making sure I don't contradict myself. It's being made on RPG Maker, so don't expect this to be on Newgrounds. Also, there's a screen shot of what the game will look like. (I'll think of a title for it later)

Episode 8: 2%

Current Game: 54%

Episode 8 and New Game coming

Episode 7

2011-07-20 13:51:46 by spootman1

Okay, the current video I'm working on is now corrupt and is going to take me even longer to finish. I'm not even sure why it happened but I kept getting the message "Unexpected File Format"

Current Game: 50% Done
Episode 7: 92% Done

2010 Was my worst year ever

2011-04-21 20:44:56 by spootman1

This should have been finished four months ago. I'm seriously falling behind. Anyways, the reason I haven't done much is because I'm busy with stuff in real life
(Mostly School) and when I'm done with most of my personal stuff I'll finally be getting back to work on Flash

Current Game (50% done)
Episode 7 (75% Done)

Episode 6

2010-08-29 16:58:12 by spootman1

Like I said before, I finished the entire script to Generic RPG .

Episode 6 (82% done)
Current Game (25% done)

I'm also writing another series (Which is going along smoothly) but it will only get started as soon as I learn to draw better and when I'm done with other things in real life.

Finished Writing the ENTIRE script

2010-06-16 11:33:38 by spootman1

Finished writing out the entire series to Generic RPG.

For almost a year, I still haven't finished episode 5, but expect to see it on newgrounds before the summer ends

Generic RPG Ep. 5 (done)

Generic RPG 5

2010-01-17 18:37:55 by spootman1

It's been about 4 months, and Episode 5 is still not out,
your probably wondering "what's going" or "what's taking so long?"

I finally got a voice actor for almost everyone and I won't work on it till I get a voice actor for everyone. Now I need a voice actor for Lecta and Ria
(which might take a while)

Anyways here's my current status

Generic RPG: Ep. 5 (15%)

Also, here's a list of games I'm working on (NOTE: They will NOT be on newgrounds, you'll have to download them)

Azumanga Fantasy (0% done with the game and 20 % done with the story)

Generic RPG 0

2009-10-30 20:20:00 by spootman1

Episode 0 is finally out and took a VERY long time. I actually made some attempts to parody RPG games but I didn't get to use all the ones I wanted to parody. I'm also making a game based of "Generic RPG" called "Epic RPG" (creative amirite?) where it takes place after Generic RPG.

Also, I'm trying to get some voice actors so it would be easier to animate beacause of how annoying it is to constantly keep inserting a letter for every frame and that people keep complaining that the text goes to fast.

Anyways here's a list of some flash videos I'm working on.

If Azumagna Daioh Was Serious (10% done)
Generic RPG: Ep. 5 (Getting Voice Actors: 62.5% Finishing the video: 10%)
Retro Anime Music Medley 002 "Well I think I'm a man"

Flash Videos

2009-04-23 20:03:27 by spootman1

I have a small list of flash movies I want to make, Here is a list from most important to least important

Generic RPG: Ep. 0 (done)
Generic RPG: Ep. 5
Retro Anime Music Medley 002 "Well I think I'm a man"
If Azumagna Daioh Was Serious (1/9 done)